Business Delivery Manager (Events)

We are shortly starting 9 new and exciting projects so will be looking to recruit a number of new staff who are passionate about supporting business, whether through advice and guidance, access to finance or technical consultancy.  We will be looking for project managers, project support staff and business advisers who are experienced in working on publically funded business support projects and with supporting small businesses. Recruitment will take place over the next few months and jobs will be coming available regularly during that period

We expect to have several vacancies for Business Delivery Managers (BDMs) working on a range of Projects in the coming months.  Check back here regularly for updates.

We have an opening for a BDM who's role will predominantly be based around the organisation and delivery of a programme of events.

NOTE: Each Job Description will be tailored specifically for each Project.

Job Description

To access and download the generic job description for a Business Delivery Manager (BDM) Click the DOWNLOAD button below.

PLEASE NOTE: you should check the specific job requirements for each Project as vacancies are advertised.


Grade Business Delivery Manager (Events)
Salary £36,022.00 - £40,260.00
Mode Full Time
Reference CUEL000008